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Acornucopia Benefit - Black Walnut & Friends Dinner


Acornucopia Benefit - Black Walnut & Friends Dinner


Acornucopia + OWL Bakery Present

An Evening featuring “Tree to Table” Forest-sourced Fare and Story

Thursday, April 25


Four-course dinner and wine pairings, with plates presented by chefs Richard Neal of The Admiral, Jason Sellers of Plant, and Cathy Cleary of The Southern Harvest Cookbook. Special guest, Beverly McBreyer, will share stories of growing up with her grandmother, who prized black walnuts and used them in a wide variety of ways.

~ All proceeds go toward raising capital for nut processing equipment ~

From Bill Whipple

“OWL Bakery of West Asheville sets the stage for an elegant presentation of artisan plant-based food in collaboration with renowned local chefs featuring our most maligned native trees- the Black Walnut. The infamous, well armored, black, slimy mess every Fall is the curse of all meticulously, manicured lawn owners. Inside this unappetizing packaging is set a richly flavored and refined diamond. Black Walnut is a deeply nutritious food source that has been sustaining humans for 10,000's of years. One can not get a more local food, or taste of genuine terroir of our region than the Black Walnut. Each course of the evening's meal will feature Black Walnut as an ingredient accented with wild food sides, interpreted by local chefs. Interlaced through the dinner, Beverly will share heart warming stories of what black walnuts in the North Carolina Piedmont have meant to a farm family through the generations.”

Inspired by the work of Dr. George Washington Carver over 100 years ago, Acornucopia Project's vision includes transitioning to a perennial plant-based agriculture that will carry us forward to a world living in consideration of all generations yet to come.

“If you love something enough, it will reveal itself to you”

-George Washington Carver

“Walnut is the new peanut”

-Acornucopia Project

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