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OWL Bakery's Election Cake (Shipping Included)

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OWL Bakery's Election Cake (Shipping Included)


OWL Bakery's Election Cake is a naturally leavened cake inspired by cakes that were baked to serve at voting sites in the early Republic. The first published recipe appeared in 1796. 

Election Cakes were interpreted widely by bakers in their respective communities. Ours uses Organic Butter, Local Grass-fed Milk, Organic locally grown and milled Whole Wheat Flour, (also local!) Sorghum Molasses, dried Fruits soaked in Bourbon, and our signature Spice Blend.

Our Large Bundt is approximately 4.5 lbs and serves 15+ and Small Bundts are 4" wide and serve an individual or can be shared. 

It is at once hearty, yet tender, surprising, yet comforting!

20% of the sale will be contributed to the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan, non-profit organization. Please note, too, that we have included shipping in the price (estimated $20). If it costs less to ship your cake to you, the difference in shipping costs will go directly to our charity. 

Shipments begin on November 1st on a rolling basis. 

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