Old World Levain Bakery

Naturally Leavened Breads. European Pastries. Coffee & Tea. Breakfast & Lunch.


Our pastries are made with Local Grass-fed Milk, Organic Sugar, Organic Butter, and Lindley Mills Organic Flour. Our fillings and condiments are made in house using the highest quality ingredients, favoring local and organic when available. All of our Viennoiserie is laminated using Organic Butter from Pennsylvania. Croissants and Danish come out of our ovens between 9:00 and 10 am daily.

Croissants // Plain. Ham & Gruyère. Almond-Rose. French Broad Chocolates 68% Nicaraguan. Maple Cream Cheese & Crystallized Herb Danish. Daily Savory Danish. Daily Fruit & Cream Danish // $3.95 - $4.55

Cardamom Buns with lemon glaze and Maldon salt // $3.55

Seasonal Tartelettes in wheat-less Buckwheat Shell.// $5.35

Financiers // Wheat-less almond tea cakes with seasonal fillings and herbs // $3.55

Shortbreads, Cookies, Cakes, and other special pastries rotate daily. Pasteis de Nata are made on Tuesday afternoons. 


Our breads are naturally leavened and mixed by hand in small batches. We use organic flours from Lindley Mills and Carolina Ground and mill alternative flours in house. 

Porridge Pan Loaves // Oatmeal, Buckwheat, and Barley Porridge with Flax and Sunflower Seeds 

Raisin Flax Pan Loaves // Organic Thompson Raisins, Golden Raisins, and Flax Seeds 

Sesame Spelt Pan Loaves // Toasted Sesame Seeds

Fermented Grits Porridge Pan Loaves // Old Yeller Grits and Organic Whole Milk

Breakfast Pan Loaves // Apricots, Figs, Golden Raisins and Pepitas

Squirrel Loaf // Wheat-less loaf made with Oats and Psyllium Husks, laden with seeds and nuts


DAILY //  out of the oven by 2 pm

Traditional Baguettes

Country Sourdough


WEEKLY ROTATIONS // out of the oven by 5 pm

TUESDAYS // Raisin Flax Pan Loaves, Fermented Heritage Grit, Squirrel Loaves

WEDNESDAYS // Porridge Pan Loaves

THURSDAYS // Sesame Spelt Pan Loaves, Ciabatta

FRIDAYS // Raisin Flax Pan Loaves, Squirrel Loaves  

SATURDAYS // Breakfast Fruit & Pepitas Pan Loaves, Ciabatta

SUNDAYS // Porridge Pan Loaves

**Beginning in November 2017, a selection of our breads will be for sale at the French Broad Food Co-op on Wednesday and Saturday mornings.  You will also see select OWL breads on the menu at some of our favorite local eateries, including The Admiral, Salt & Smoke, Sovereign Remedies, Gan Shan West, and The Funkatorium (for Sunday brunch). Stay tuned for updates!**



Our coffees, including espresso, pour over, and batch brew are sourced from Black Tap Coffee (Charleston, SC) and guest roasters from around the country. We use local grass-fed milk in all of our milk drinks. 

We have over 14 varieties of tea sourced from Upton Tea Imports and herbals from Mountain Rose Herbs.