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“Make America Cake Again!” is a collaboration and celebration among bakeries, food professionals, home bakers, scholars, and educators across the country. It is a non-partisan nation-wide project to raise awareness about our culinary heritage and the place of food in political and social life as well as to generate funds for voting access and rights.

In October, people across the country will “Make America Cake Again”. Specifically, they will be baking historical Election Cakes. Election Cake dates back to Colonial America and the young Republic. It is a naturally-leavened cake, one derived from English “great cakes", and interpreted widely by its makers in the New England colonies. Home and professional bakers made this cake to feed militia members in the Colonial era during military training days. After the American Revolution, it evolved into an Election Cake, one prepared, mostly by women, for town hall meetings and community celebrations to encourage eligible voter attendance. These cakes contributed to the revelry surrounding the democratic process and held a significant place in the voting landscape. In this modern-day project, they represent a connection to our shared history through food as well as an opportunity to bring attention to the upcoming election and issues concerning voter rights and access.  

“Make America Cake Again” connects the spheres of craft, tradition, scholarship, and community-based social and political movements. Participating bakeries will have their own interpretation of Election Cakes for sale before and around national election on November 8th. A percentage of proceeds from these sales will be donated to the League of Women Voters, a non-partisan non-profit organization that works on voting access, education and policy. Home bakers are also encouraged to participate, by making their own election cakes and finding meaningful ways in which election cakes can generate dialogue, build community, and contribute to healthy political engagement! If you bake an Election Cake, please share your experience with us on social media using the following hashtags:




 for Home Bakers

INFORMATION and Formulas for Professional Bakers

Heather Crosby's Gluten- and Dairy-Free Version


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We are no longer able to accept orders for election cake for shipping, 
as we have reached our production limit. Thanks to everyone for your support! 

For LOCAL CUSTOMERS, you may still call the bakery to place a special order for pickup
on Tuesday, November 8th.



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